Kydex Shells

EDC Leather Kydex hybrid shells
In June of 2019 I figured that having a hybrid holster would be a nice addition to our line, and I figured about three weeks oughta be enough time to create a shell….
Whoooo Boy was I in error! Now, 11 months later, and a not insignificant investment we finally have what I envisioned. A Kydex shell that is designed from the ground up for the hybrid holster. Lets take a look at what we came up with.
• The slide side flange has a radius down, to aid in the leather backer starting that arc across the hip
• The holes are standardized, unscrew one shell, screw on another. (this really helps with inventory)
• We go ahead and put in the eyelets, now you can attach with T-nuts or Chicago screws.
• The frame side flange is elevated 3 mm to allow an elastomer to be inserted for tunable retention
• The rear sight pocket is designed to handle todays add on sight options
• As a leather holster designer, we sculpt lines into the holster, they exist on the gun but are not exaggerated enough to show through leather and absolutely not through Kydex. Soooo, we put them there! They make me happy, and I hope they make you happy as well.
• We have arranged to have an experience bender to pull the shells and drop ship them for you. These puppies are being made in America, no imports. These are KYDEX… Not Boltoron. But, these are being pulled after receipt of your order, so shipment will we be a couple of days after order

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