CZ 75D Stitch-line Pattern | Create your own Leather Holster | EDC Stitch Trace Patterns

CZ 75D Stitch-line Pattern | Create your own Leather Holster | EDC Stitch Trace Patterns


CZ 75D Stitch-line Pattern | Create your own Leather Holster | EDC Stitch Trace Patterns

Stitch line patterns are a unique and innovative pattern that eliminate the complicated part about building holsters. And let’s face it, the advanced leatherworker doesn’t want to build someone else’s pattern. They want to build their own. The EDC Stitch Trace pattern allows you to do exactly that. By removing the guess work and use of complicated numbers, you can lay out the exact stitch lines for each holster you make, without fail.

In order for your firearm to fit properly, the firearm this pattern was designed for. If this model does not match what you’re looking for, return to our shop page to find a better match. In the event you don’t see what you’re after, please contact us. It’s possible we simply haven’t posted it yet.

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Each purchase includes a PDF digital file containing the Stitch Trace pattern. Files are available for download immediately upon purchase.

How the Stitch Trace Pattern will benefit you:

• We’ve already done the hard part for you. That means all the guess work is gone.
• By laying out the stitch line for you, your time is better spent your time doing the part you enjoy.
• Exact dimensions make a perfect fit, every time. That means less money wasted on mistakes.
• Our most versatile product. As the stitch lines are specific to each make and model, this one pattern can be used to make multiple holster designs and styles.
• A tried and true product. Many of the industry’s top builders have tested and verified the usefulness of these patterns.

What you need to use this Pattern:

• Ability to print the pattern – We do offer a shipped printout for a nominal fee. Contact us for this option.
• Intermediate Leatherworking Skills – It’s assumed you have an advanced understanding of leatherwork. Our pattern does not tell you how to do this.
• Leatherworking Tools – You can’t be a carpenter without a saw and hammer. Likewise, leatherwork requires the tools of the trade.
• The firearm this pattern was designed for, or an exact replica mold such as a bluegun. We offer a full line of blueguns if you find yourself in need.
• Materials – You’ll need leather, thread, glue, dye, sealer, or any other materials you wish to use.
• A “Can-do” Attitude.

When printing this pattern, make sure your printer is set to “Full Size” (not “Scale” or “Shrink to Fit”). It was designed to fit a standard 8.5” x 11” page, therefore your standard paper is useable, though we recommend using cardstock, as the thickness makes tracing easier. Each pattern comes with a scale verification line to ensure the page was printed properly. Measure the length of the line. If you get 5 inches exactly, your page has printed correctly. If not, check the page size settings on your printer.

Terms of Use

Under Copyright law, all files, formats, and patterns are the property of EDC Leather. The information provided with each pattern is intended for the sole purpose of manufacturing physical leather goods, without limitation of quantity, with intent to sale or produce for personal use. By purchasing this item, or associated items, you are entering into a User Agreement and therefore licensed as the End User. These rights are nonexclusive, nontransferable, and limited to the purchaser only. You may not sale, trade, copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise transfer this product in any manner that is not in accordance with the license, or without the consent of EDC Leather. That said, we encourage you to use, and/or modify this pattern to fit your personal desire. Just don’t steal our intellectual property.

Each pattern was designed in-house at our veteran owned shop in Springfield, Missouri. We then build the item to specification and thoroughly test it to ensure the highest possible quality. We are Every Day Carry, because life happens Every Day.

We currently offer over 100 holsters, including left and right-hand variants, a full line of patterns, belts, wallets, blueguns, and many other accessories. Other customizations are available upon special request.
If you have any questions or would like a full list of products and services, please contact us.


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