Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 | Right Hand Leather Holster | OWB Pancake | Brown | EDC AirLight Series

Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 | Right Hand Leather Holster | OWB Pancake | Brown | EDC AirLight Series


Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 | Right Hand Leather Holster | OWB Pancake | Brown | EDC AirLight Series

The Millennium G2 was designed to be the ideal concealed carry handgun. But concealment is heavily dependent of the holster you choose.

We’ve combined premium American vegetable tan leather, 6 stitch-per-inch bonded poly thread, hand molding, and the finest dyes and sealers to create an outside the waistband holster of exceptional quality.
The original pancake holster was created by Roy Baker, and received its patent in 1971. Since that time the design has undergone many revisions, eventually reaching its current configuration. While staying true to the original design, we at EDC Leather, have provided a modern piece of gear for your everyday use.
Our AirLight series holsters are contoured, following the natural curve of the hip, and molded to fit your firearm. This allows for a comfortable carry and narrow profile, while making concealment easier than many other designs.
Designed specifically to fit a 1.5-inch belt, the AirLight series has a narrow profile holding the holster close to your body, while providing a stable platform for the draw, as well as aiding in concealment. The detailed molding provides secure retention, ensuring your firearm is where it belongs at all times. Ensure this model matches your firearm.
With proper care, the EDC AirLight holster will provide years of service.


All of our rigs are designed and handcrafted at our veteran owned shop in Springfield, Missouri, using only the finest American-made materials available. Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest possible quality. We are Every Day Carry, because life happens Every Day.

To view our full line of merchandise, patterns, blueguns, and more, visit our website at www.edcleather.com.

• Made using 6 oz. Premium American Vegetable Tan Leather.
• Designed for Outside the Waistband use.
• Immersion Dyed brown to keep those inevitable scuffs and scratches from showing.
• Immersion Sealed with Angelus Acrylic and buffed to a fine mellow glow.
• Hand-molded for proper retention to keep your firearm secure.
• The curved design minimizes that bulky feel other holsters offer.
• Designed for use with 1.5-inch belt.
• The 8 degree cant aids in drawstroke.
• Made in America, in a Veteran owned shop.

Each holster carries a limited lifetime warranty, applicable to the original purchaser only. Our holsters are designed and molded for use with a specific model of firearm. Use with others, outside the specified model(s), will void this warranty. Use of leather softening oils, detergents, or products will void this warranty.

We’re a small shop. Each of our team members carry a job outside our walls. For this reason, we’re only able to ship on Saturdays. Though we promise your purchase will arrive as soon as possible.

We currently offer over 100 different holsters, including left and right-hand variants. Other customizations are available upon special request. We also carry a full line of belts, wallets, blueguns, and many other accessories.
If you have any questions, contact us on our website for a full list of products and services. www.edcleather.com.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in


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