Walther FlatPak Holster Kits

Walther FlatPak Holster Kits


FlatPak holsters are designed to be a solution to some of the problems you can run into as a maker. Have a need for more holsters than you’ve got time to build? Let EDC Leather help out by taking care of some of the steps from designing the holster, to cutting and getting it prepped for the build. Basically you’re using our shop to handle some of the grunt work in making a holster, it’s just like having someone in your shop who’s handy enough to do part of the work for ya.


You will receive a cut, edge beveled, sanded and stitched pancake holster kit, you, the maker will still perform all of the tasks which define you as a craftsman. you will mold, dye, edge slick and seal.


FlatPak holster kits will allow your techniques to shine through, each makers molding and sculpting will show their individual styles.


FlatPaks are constructed of Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather, cut out of the prime in 8oz and stitched at 6 spi with 277 top and 207 bottom bonded nylon thread.

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Walther FlatPak Kits

PPKS 10 Degree


Left, Right

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Black, Brown, White


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