TLR-3 EDC Molding Tool

TLR-3 EDC Molding Tool


Face it Gang, undergun lights and lasers are here to stay, so it’s time to quit turning these builds down. I know that it gets spendy to build a purpose molded bluegun with a specific light or laser and have the next order come in for another model! So we are creating a solution. Individual lights and lasers molded out of 60 duro polyeurothane (same as BlueGuns) that you can add to your existing mold guns. We will be adding new models as time allows.

Built just like our mold guns, these lights were designed to be dimensionally accurate and able to be moved between any Bluegun that has a rail on it.  One note is that these lights do tighten on the rails but will most likely come off when pulling the Bluegun out of your holster after molding.  We use one of our sight channel pens to push it out.  *BLUEGUN NOT INCLUDED*





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