752 SnapVenger Holster Patterns (digital download)

752 SnapVenger Holster Patterns (digital download)


752 SnapVenger Digital Holster Patterns

Imagine a SnapCake and a Venger holster having a love-child!

We have added a drop loop to our classic Venger holster, how cool is that?!? Combining the reduced footprint of the Avenger with the comfort of a Snapcake the new 752 SnapVenger holster will soon be your clients new favorite rig!

We designed this rig to take advantage of Optic Cut firearms.

We suggest that you use t-nuts on the holster body and mount 2 directional snaps at the top and 2 hard action snaps at the bottom. But you build them to work for your shop.



Additional information

752 SnapVenger

Beretta PX 4 Storm subcompact, Bersa VC Pro 45, Canik Mete, canik TP9sf, CZ 2075 RAMI, CZ 75B, CZ P01, CZ P09, CZ P10 compact, CZ75D compact, FN509 compact, FNS9, FNS9 compact, Glock G17, Glock G19, Glock G21, Glock G30s, Glock G36, Glock G43_G43x, Glock G48, HK P30sk, HK usp, HK usp compact, HK vp9_vp40, IWI Masada, Keltec PF9, Kimber Micro 9, Kimber MicroRaptor, Kimber Solo Carry, Ruger American 45, Ruger American 9, Ruger American 9 compact, Ruger LC9, Ruger LC9S, Ruger LCP, RUGER LCP 2, RUGER MAX 9, RUGER P89, RUGER P95 dao, Ruger SR22, Ruger SR9, S&W 6906, S&W M&P 9, S&W M&P 9 mod2, S&W Shield 9 EZ, S&W Shield 9 mod2, S&W Shield 9mm, Sic 320 Compact, Sig 220, Sig 226, Sig 229, Sig 290, Sig 365, Sig 365 xl, Sig 938, Springfield Armory Echelon, Springfield Armory emp9, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Springfield Armory Prodigy, Springfield Armory XD 45, Springfield Armory XD 9, Springfield Armory XD 9 subcompact, Springfield Armory XD45 subcompacgt mod2, Springfield Armory XDe 45 subcompact mod2, Springfield Armory XDs 9 4inch, Staccato C2, Staccato CS, Staccato P, Taurus 24-7, Taurus 709 slim, Taurus G3_G2, Taurus G3_G2 compact, Taurus G4x, Taurus TH9, Walther P99, Walther PDP compact, Walther PK380, Walther PPQ, Walther PPS, Wilson Combat EDC 9 4inch, Wilson Combat EDC X9 cocked&locked, Wilson Combat EDC X9 railed cocked&locked


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