Sara Hagel’s Slicking Solution

Sara Hagel’s Slicking Solution


Introducing Sara Hagel’s Slicking Solution.  Sara has had this product able to purchase for a while but we finally are carrying it here on the site to purchase.


This stuff is awesome.  We use it on everything that isn’t getting wax and sometimes even with our wax.  It’ll slick down everything you can think of and will leave your edges with an amazing finish.  Our process is to put a little on the edges, and then run a wood slicking rod over it.  Once it’s slicked up we apply our dye color (if the desired edge color is different from the main dye color) and your edges will be good to go.  Give it a try and I am certain you will be amazed!

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Here’s a little snippet on the slicking solution from Sara Hagel:


It works on every type of leather I’ve tried it on. I personally use it on veg (saddle leather and English bridle), waxy veg (harness), veg retan (latigo), all types of chrome tan, alum tan (also called Indian tan), and even blue crust (horn wrap material). My process is to put a very small amount on the edge (I don’t want it on any of the unedged parts) and then rub briskly with a canvas. A number of my customers use a burnishing wheel of one type or another and say it works equally well with that method. It won’t block dye, so if you dye edges, you can dye after burnishing. Once my edge is smooth, I apply some form of acrylic topcoat. Bee Natural RTC and Weaver Tuff Coat are my favorites.

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