Double Layer Oil/Veg belt Strips

Double Layer Oil/Veg belt Strips


Making double-layer belts is always a pain.  We have all had the joy of hand gluing up strips, trying to line them up, hammering then trimming and sanding, all while our eyes are spinning from glue fumes.

NO MORE!  Our double-layer belt blanks are here to ease the frustration of making belts.  First off they are run through our glue-up stage, where we apply an even coating all the way down both strips of leather.  The second stage is where they get put through the combining and trimming machine and come out evenly pressed and trimmed to 1.5″ wide.  After that, we take them over to our tipping machine and punch the holes for the buckle and belt hardware of your choice.  Finally, we pull them through an EZ edger and knock the corners off and make them ready for edge finishing.

When you get your belt, all you will need to do is measure out the size, punch your holes according to that measurement, cut a belt end shape, stitch it up, and use your favorite method of slicking/burnishing edges.

The hard stuff is all done, go forth and make belts!



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