Ruger StitchTrace Patterns

Ruger StitchTrace Patterns


This is a StitchTrace! This is NOT a full pancake pattern!

When you download an EDC StitchTrace pattern you have saved time and money, an accurate tracing of the firearm with trigger, ejection port and mag release located. Then, add a dead nuts stitchline centered on 8 oz leather and you are set to define cant and design your holster. Never mold up a rig and realize you misplaced the stitchline again. And the best part is…

It is a PDF and you can use it again and again on any holster design!



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Ruger Stitchtrace

Ruger 5401 LCR 1.78" StitchTrace, Ruger 8605 American 9 StitchTrace, Ruger American 45 StitchTrace, Ruger American 8635 StitchTrace, Ruger LC9 StitchTrace, Ruger LCP with CT StitchTrace, Ruger LCR 3" StitchTrace, Ruger P95 DAO StitchTrace, Ruger SP101 StitchTrace, Ruger SR22 StitchTrace, Ruger SR9 StitchTrace


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